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Welcome to Silver Lake Books.

Silver Lake Books™ is a bricks and mortar store located in the Silver Lake Center that new and used titles, book sets, book sets and collections, exclusive titles, vintage, and a small selection of antique books.


We buy our new books new direct from publishers, indie authors, distributors, wholesalers, shows, sales, and events. We purchase new releases, remainders, backlist titles,  reprints, and publisher overstocks.


Silver Lake Books sells used books that we purchase from sales and events, and books we've read and don't want to keep.


The wildlife art featured on the store walls and exhibits are by Lisa Loucks-Christenson, a professional wildlife photographer and Rochester native.


Purchasing from the public: we may purchase your new and gently used books, hard cover or paperback

Please know ahead that we sell fine quality books, we are not a thrift shop so books arriving in poor condition won't be considered

We can't accept books with: broken spines, stickers, writing in them, torn pages, odors, stained books, or pet fur in them.

Please make an appointment to sell your books.

*We don't have a public restroom.

* All guests must be free of illness, no fevers, no coughs or sniffles, no recent exposure to or have had yourself Covid-19. 

* Masks must be worn at all times in our store. 

Current Exhibit:
Winter Bugs! 

A study of insect life during a Minnesota Winter by documentarian Lisa Loucks-Christenson

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