Chigger Creek, Minnesota Series, an Angels of the Supernatural YA

Chigger Creek, Minnesota Series, an Angels of the Supernatural YA


L.L. Christenson's new series launching in January 2023:

Chigger Creek Rihanna

An Angels of the Supernatural YA Series


Chigger Creek Rihanna 

#  1
Release: January 2023

Genre: Supernatural

Published by Snowy Creek Books™

Author: L. L. Christenson

Episodes 1-5

Rihanna lives in the remote town of Chigger Creek, a few miles northwest of Ely, Minnesota, a rural community with a population of 77. Rihanna and her parents run Chigger Creek Outfitters, a second generation family business with their home built into their outfitter operation. It was a last stop supply shop, canoe rental, and they rented four bunkhouses—popular with worldwide outdoorsmen, a quiet place—usually surrounded by white pine and water on three sides.

However, lately, the nights were no longer filled with the song of the loons. Something had changed and upset the natural balance, the calm, but no one could figure out what it was or why.


Everyone in Chigger Creek knew each other, but some said Rihanna was the only person who wrote about them all—but only because she gathered their news and stories and wrote the articles for their monthly publication they sold in their store, her column was, CHIGGER CREEK RIHANNA. Everyone who visited, that had read Rihanna’s stories, also wanted to grab a picture with her––many of her fans encouraged her writing and told her that she had a true calling as a storyteller.


But Rihanna has another gift, one she didn’t write about. She dreamed them into reality: she has premonitions, an internal instinct that called to her heart demanding her full attention and pulled at her thoughts until she’d go investigate.



When a series of dreams calls to her, she follows the path and signs in her dreams and discovers a family from Minneapolis has recently bought up all the lake property around Divine Lake.

The elusive family who never shopped in town, and to date––is yet to be seen in daylight, made her suspicious of them. With her reporter’s instinct on high drive, she sought a chance opportunity to meet the newest family in town. 

Rihanna was aspiring to write best story ever written about Faye and her husband Donald Darrington’s lakefront properties on Divine Lake. She wanted more than just a sales story. Rihanna was gathering information and preparing her list of questions about the family she sold the property to.
Rihanna and her story would become, in the history of Chigger Creek, Minnesota, more than front page news.


Will The cries of the evening loons drown out the sounds on the unnatural? Why was Chigger Creek filled with a half dozen White-faced Ibises? Where did they come from and who did they leave with? Will Rihanna’s curiosity be the end of her popular blog? 



An Angels of the Supernatural YA

Chigger Creek, Minnesota

#1: Chigger Creek Rihanna

#2: Dusk to Dawn

#3: Miracle at Divine Lake

#4: The Darrington Deal

#5:  The Flight of the White-faced Ibis

Chigger Creek Rihanna

Dusk to Dawn

Miracle at Divine Lake

 The Darrington DealThe Flight of the White-Faced Ibis

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