Opening Saturday 11/27/2021 Valentine's Adventures™ Series Exhibit by Lisa Loucks-Christenson

Opening Saturday 11/27/2021 Valentine's Adventures™ Series Exhibit by Lisa Loucks-Christenson

Shipwreck Sunday!


Exhibit Opens at 12:30PM 

Silver Lake Books

Come and meet thirteen-year-old Valentine, who has been popular in local news this week!

Valentine, is the sole survivor of our family pack, a Bow Wow Detectives® ambassador, and adventurer in her own series, Valentine's Adventures™ by best-selling and award-winning author and illustrator Lisa Loucks-Christenson.

This rotating exhibit features paintings for Lisa's upcoming stories that feature Valentine on various outings and discoveries. Signed loose art and art cards are available for purchase.

BOOKS: (these will release at the end of first quarter 2022). They can be read in any order.

Museum Monday!

Blustery Tuesday!

Tea Party Wednesday!

Thinkable Thursday!

Faire Friday!

Stowaway Saturday!

Shipwreck Sunday!

Blustery Tuesday!

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This is a photo of Dani and me. She was one of our security dogs. She gave her life trying to protect us, by neighbors that crossed the line, several times.

I have two witnesses that observed the running to the fence and they even went over to investigate what was causing her to run to that same spot.  I have video of neighbors causing issues all on video. I have police reports and comments of the responding officer. I'll protect him.

I have photos of someone throwing ibuprofen in a bag with food in our yard, men's tracks in our woods (he had to trespass to get there).

A few years prior, my gallery had been broken into on St. Patrick's Day, another police report, our alarm system scared them off--that night.

Is it coincidence then, which I don't believe in, that our dogs would be harassed the eve of another St. Patrick's Day, driving my female to the same exact spot on the fence? She died a few hours later. My male, never went to the fence. 

I look at the fence everyday and wonder what I could have done different?

I cry over how I failed my dog that picked me from nine other pups and never left my side. I can't even look at her ashes, only sometimes can I look at the urn. We had thousands of dollars invested into her, her care, her life, her professional training. She was the best protector I ever had for a dog. She saved me from one man who'd sneaked up on me while I was in my truck. other times too.

We had bought two German Shepherds to protect our family after an incident and the man walked right past our old husky. My husband left the house to take the truck in and pick up the other one in Zumbrota. During the time he was gone, some man walked inside our house and approached my daughter, even asking where her dad was?

Among other things going on--reports were getting filed, just not followed up on. All these reports were given to the Rochester Police, Winona County, Olmsted County Sheriff's Department from me, the security people I hired, others. They did nothing to help us. Mostly, they just poked fun and treated us like I was making all these incidents up. They refused to look at the pictures, the video, and worse. These incidents will be in my books.


Dani died on St. Patrick's Day. The neighbors harassing her got away with another crime.

Dani will be featured in my upcoming books, like the other pain, it just takes time to heal and to go forward so I can step back. Her brother Dale is in a few award-winning and best-selling books now. He lived a longer life because I had learned, by his sister dying, to become a better shepherd. He was almost 16 when he passed away. He died in my arms a peaceful death.

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Alarm response

Alarm response


I need a new alarm responder. The Rochester Police have been removed.

(800) 928-2372 leave a message.

After the incident yesterday, I am no longer and never going to trust another police officer.

I'm the one wearing hives head to toe because of our police. I can't call my doctor because she'll tell me to come in. I documented the hives with photos.

If you are law enforcement, have been, or anyone involved, don't apply. I already don't trust you. God knows I have tried. Over and again. Again. Again. 

Work: $50 per incident. You'll be a contractor, not an employee. If there is a break-in, incident, someone just coming in without permission but somehow have a key, but not a legal one from me, you'll get a call from alarm company and you show up and wait for me. They will have dispatched me or my husband by then. If something has happened to me, use your judgement. You don't call Rochester police. 

Specifically: I average around 4 break-ins a year. Sometimes, like the footage below, I'm forced to a back room. Usually my husband has just left. I'm always alone.

I walk with bears in the day, and the same bears at night. I never know when a bear will turn and become an aggressive bear. A bear is a bear; day or night. I learned that working on my documentaries in Whitewater. 

Right now: I need someone to be an alarm responder because I'm not even walking with bears in the woods and I'm getting aggressive officers at my door. If it is a legit alarm, or I am being attacked again, there are no police so there is no one to call. I just need you to document it. If I'm not responsive call an ambulance, if I'm dead, call the coroner. 

Below is some of the footage from a real 911 call I made last fall after another incident. My husband had just left.  He had to wait for my about-to-be aggressor to cross the street so he could come in an attack his wife. This man threw a rock at one window. Then he threw his body against the other window where I was sitting. I had seconds and hit the alarm, dialed "911". My husband was at the bank when he got the alarm call that something was going on, asking if he was OK. They'd tried calling me, but I had 911 on the line and couldn't answer, thank God I had my phone on vibrate. I was praying the guy wouldn't see it coming in or the "911" on the screen. He came in and I told him he had to leave because he didn't have a face mask. He dropped his water bottle and pulled up his neck gator. He left.

He came back wanting to know if I was alone. Then wanting to speak the person when I said they were on the phone (there was no one there), I was buying seconds of time hoping the police would be there soon. Then he made a comment that there was no one back there, then he came at me and tried forcing his way into my backroom. He had his right hand behind his back. His eyes were aggressive now. Lucky for me, the Pine Island Church had donated some books earlier, the pile of them gave me the second I needed to get away from him. 

The police found him. They said he only had a water bottle, the officer said the man had heard people in the backroom talking (contradicting what the man says on the video). He did have a water bottle but he also had, and everyone can see it, something else about the size of a gun, with a curved handle, in a white plastic bag sticking out of his backside. I believed it was a gun.

I shot this footage off of the actual video on my camera screen, a few days later, because it took me that long to process what had happened. These two videos (shot on my iPhone and off of my Nikon screen) are not the best quality. I had the Nikon swinging off my shoulder for the first video. I had no time and I was lucky that the man didn't see me filming or setting the camera on the counter, once I made it there. 

I had to get to my front desk, because that was where my other alarm was, the panic alarm. I truly believed he had a gun or weapon tucked in the back of his pants.


The guy was trespassed and let go. He was a homeless guy. They said he only had a water bottle. He denied trying to rob me. He didn't rob me, but when someone comes at you and has a hand behind their back, and asks if you are alone, and tells you there is no one there, (all on the video, listen and rewind) and when they come at your face so suddenly--I thought he was going to rob me or do something worse to me.

He'd forced me to my door, intimidated me, scared me and tried getting into my back work area where my recording studio was, and our storage room with roof access (locked, hopefully). I believe he ditched the object in his pocket. It's right there on the video (first video you see him drop the water bottle and the object is tucked in his pants and visible as he bends over and picks up the water bottle he had. He was trespassed for a year. He was back the next day. Again, again.

Part 2, this is when the guy left and then re-entered and was trying to get in my back room. He was within an inch of my face, lucky for me, the Pine Island Church had donated books that day, and the books created the one second block I needed to get away from him.


The above incident was at Silver Lake Books, but I've had issues at Peacock Books too. The last police officer told me it wasn't his job to stand there and wait for me, while my husband and asked customers to leave our other store, drive into the downtown construction, and be there in 25 minutes. He also was 100% unaware there were two men. The entire force is unaware, until I put it in my report, yesterday, there was a phone call that followed that break in.

I didn't need the incident yesterday. I don't need to be told by your officer after 10 PM to turn off all my exterior lights when our house and family were attacked. I don't need to be harassed. 

On the report I said I would do the following:

1. Gave it to the my attorney. Check.

2. Called alarm company and removed Rochester Police Department as a responder. Check

3. Filed report with other agency. Check.

4. Asked for the officer's name that did what he did yesterday because I need to know it wasn't one of five officers that are bad on your force. 

You can't change the hives or my breathing difficulties I have been going through, since, when I realized I can never ever ever ever trust you again, but I can ask you and did, respectfully, to leave me and my family alone. Forever. 



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For Jon: The man who blackmailed me. I know you'll see this.

For Jon: The man who blackmailed me. I know you'll see this.

Finding "Ben"

by Lisa "Doe"

Jon of Colorado area, Denver, specifically, or maybe you've moved to Hollywood to extort my life and details as you said you would. 

Truth is: I think I'll find a producer before you. I have the other details your story is missing and the details I fed you "specifically" in case you turned out to be the rat you are.

 Also, when you pose as an FBI agent, you just land yourself into deeper trouble Jon. Don't think I've forgotten everything, because I haven't. 

I've left enough words laying around, purposely, just in case.


Store copy will be sample only. This book won't release until March 2022.

Once: I trusted police. 

Looking back, maybe Anthony from the Minneapolis FBI was right when he said, “Lisa, this is the FBI. You don’t get to pick your agent!”

When I put it in a bold typeface, it sounds more like what he was saying. I can’t say for sure whether his tone commanded his use of an exclamation point. Sometimes when I think about it, I try to soften his words. I tone it down and block his sarcasm. Other times I only allow myself to hear him speaking in the voice of Fred on my MacBook Pro, who speaks in a monotone alliteration matching the "characters" that changed my life.

For I knew then, by Anthony's statement, I had not just stepped across the line of being the Town Joke, in three counties, but that I had also spun myself into the enemies spider web. I didn't have to wonder, I was now the proverbial 17-year locust, caught in their web, and I would spend the next 17 years looking for the trap line, because there was never going to be help.

I have never forgotten Anthony's words he used between the quotes.

For Anthony; "OK. Anthony, Apparently, I did pick my own agent. He claimed to be one of yours. I paid him over $10K too. I trust you still have the paperwork? Maybe you want to re-visit it now?"

Maybe Jon was just really bad at marketing my stolen life, literally? I put a post up and I had screenwriters on my profile immediately.

March 2022

By: Lisa "Doe"

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The Cost of Stolen Art/books

The Cost of Stolen Art/books



Bow Wow Detectives

Hallowink Hollow 2020

Hallowink Hollow™


One search of my name.

1 stolen book in three formats: PDF, Mobi, e-Pub

eBook was sold, exclusively, through Amazon KDP for a few months. 

4.6/5  (1184 ratings) on the stolen work

Publisher income: $.0

Author Royalty: $.0

Streaming service that stole the book $14.95 a month, unlimited authors, works probably many of them stolen like my book. 

One DMCA take down notice.

One hour of my time.

Another site and another, eleven, stolen photos. 

Book efforts tonight:
 2 Illustrations, one for the fifth book in the same series as the stolen book above.

1 illustration for my 15th book in my Courtly Cottontails series.  

One letter to the legal department at Amazon.

One letter to my attorney.

Two twitter posts to show the theft and create a time stamp.

Two emails sent to myself, to document the theft, the screenshots, the proof that I sent the take down notice stating that I am the creator, the copyright holder.

I had planned on working on another book tonight. I already had time set aside for the illustrations. 

I will address the stolen photos tomorrow. So, I'll have to be closed at the store to take care of the people stealing my work, because I'm a creator. I don't just "owe" my work to anyone. 

My work is contracted and licensed. Those licensee's expect exclusivity, sometimes, exclusivity. Now it's my problem, because the book was published. It's my fault. I deserve this. While a web of websites flashed by, each with their own maze of IP addresses, owners, proxy servers, it's my job to find the source. 

It's just become my legal right to attempt to stop the infringers. They won't have money for the copyright infringement, they never do. It'll be my expense to put out the $2500 retainer to start a case against them, start with a cease and desist, wait for them not to respond, send it again, another $250.00, and so on. 

I've been dealing with the theft of my Bow Wow Detectives® registered trademark by three infringers, one studio (well known in California), a theme park in India, where I hold the copyright, and a book that hit #1 best seller, just before they attempted to register a trademark for that series and trade name, in India, and failed. I didn't know they were Christians. That series is a Christian series. I have total faith in my Creator, and I already trust the outcome. No one beats Jesus.


Here is my book:

Hallowink Hollow Halloween Party


Here is the legal sales page on Amazon, selling their e-pub version of my work, legally.

The stolen book is NOT available as a PDF, or Mobi file.  So the infringers have made derivative works from the e-pub file, or they hacked my Adobe account, or my computer and stole the files, or stole them from my physical space (police have all those break-ins). This is why, last fall, when I had another illegal access into my store, this time at Peacock Books, this is why I told the police how quick a theft can be, and they understood stealing a penny candy on the desk, but couldn't consider that intellectual property is worth far more than a piece of candy. 

These are the only ways they could have the files. I only licensed the one file. It was published on Amazon as an exclusive product. Now they have also destroyed my ability to honestly re-list the book on Amazon--ever--exclusively, because they are selling it, illegally, depriving my publisher, me, our profits. 

This is the exact reason I sell my physical books in our networked stores, exclusively. I can monitor sales.

For ebooks we sell, exclusively in-house, I can monitor licenses, keys, downloads -- people converting the files by security measures I have personally built into every single book and illustration. Undeniable proof who owns the work, what is licensed. What is not. Like in this case: PDF and Mobi files.

I have a series of books on another site, similar to this hosting site selling works of authors. They stole 12 of the 14 books and have been making a tidy profit off the work. Again the profits: Publisher, $.0, Author: $.0. 

I demanded that they take them down. They are a well known service. They complied. Then, a month or two later, there the books were again. I called. I sent emails. I sent a new cease and desist letter upgrading the copyright infringement, per book, to the new willful copyright infringement, per book.

I was told I'd have to talk to my distributor. That they authorized the books to be on their website. That was a bad mistake on their part. I own my own 24/7 fulfillment center and distribute our titles, wherever I want since, 1987. As founder, president and ceo, I know, exactly, who my contacts are. I know every vendor, every employee. I know each and every store, the sales, tech support and who my clients are. This company is not a vendor. They are not ever going to be a vendor. Now, I have to fork out another $2500 per book, to pull these back in-house, because they thinks for now, they have the upper-hand.

Then the pandemic hit. 

This closed down that theme park stealing my Bow Wow Detectives®, for now. Last I saw the author that stole my Bow Wow Detectives® smearing my name and brand, selling tickets to the play that is called piracy, I received nothing. He went on to  win an award for his work stolen off my brand  and diluting my work, my creation and all the awards I've won writing the books, #1 best-sellers, art, cards, and 16 years of my life branding, handing out free samples, cards, readings, renting displays, advertising and more: he had updated his smear post on how I was being mean, how I thought I had that right to tell him not to steal my work, brand, creation. I saw how he had now changed the name of his play to another creators' name for their brand. That's their problem. I know how to help them if they find this post. 

California studio: I know who you are. I know what you've done. My attorney's are watching you. Enough said for now.

Google Play: you are illegally selling downloads to the Detective Bow Wow and that is in the USA, illegally, against my registered trademark. I've sent both the studio, and Google their cease and desist letters. 

So when you buy one of my books, my publishing houses' intellectual rights 100%, you are paying for copies of books that are supposed to be my right to sell. Trademarks have to be fought for, hourly, sometimes.


Hallowink Hollow™ brand That little ™ states this is my legal trademark, a mark I am using in commerce, and now, apparently, someone else is too.

Lisa Loucks Christenson
PO Box 9177
Rochester, MN 55903
This book was stolen, not licensed or sold as a PDF or Mobi file.
Hallowink Hollow Halloween Party


Exhibit 1B Proof of email sent to self as evidence, with screenshots.

Proof of DMCA NOTICE SENT Exhibit 1



Exhibit 2 Proof of DMCA Take Down Notice Sent and received by infringing party

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Two of the Suspect(s) harassing Lisa while on her Walk the Burn, Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary, Winter Bugs Documentary

Two of the Suspect(s) harassing Lisa while on her Walk the Burn, Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary, Winter Bugs Documentary


From Year Two Dancer & Daedee

 Lisa with Donny and Paul


2006, Year Two Dancer & Daedee: Epiphany Season

Sample of the documentaries. From raw text files, not edited. This was a real conversation between Lisa and a couple men who watched over her because of the problems she was having in the Whitewater Valley, while working on her Walk The Burn, Winter Bugs, and Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentaries.


This man above that Paul saw watching me, is who I refer to as "Edward" in the documentaries. If you read my books, you'll find that Edward, along with his brother, and the man that ran the trap lines around any trace of safety I had, were constant threats to me--where ever I walked, but especially in a couple of areas. Figuring out their plans was only half my challenge, the rest I documented by following my instincts.

"Edward" was always trying to get me to his house, or to go with him to Tiffany Bottoms, a nearby wildlife refuge full of massasauga rattlesnakes. Snakes that he claimed to have had in his possession, along with a breeding pair of timber rattlesnakes--at his house. Snakes I told the CO about. The conservation officer warned me that by turning him in, I'd be bringing trouble onto myself and asked if I was prepared for that?

What was the difference? Had I not already had enough "experiences?"

The sheriff told me, after another incident with Edward and co-heart(s), I had become the "town joke" and everyone wanted to mess with the "Nature Photographer".


Now, years later, I return to the valley when I want to . . . and someone else is living in his house. Who is laughing now? 

Walk the Burn

Winter Bugs

Year One Dancer and Daedee


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Silver Lake is Not Buying Books From The Public.

Silver Lake Books and Peacock Books in the Kahler Grand are closed 9/11/2021 to 9/13/2021 due to arson threat and man harassing Loucks Studios, Inc. brand to give Rochester Police time to arrest suspect  and trespass him, permanently. Before someone is killed, we are stating publicly, WE ARE NOT BUYING BOOKS FROM THE PUBLIC.

After two incidents involving attacks on both Lisa Loucks-Christenson, and now her husband with the threat of Arson, for not buying a customers' book, a new corporate policy has been put into place by Lisa Loucks-Christenson, founder, president and CEO of Loucks Studios, Inc.

All of our purchases from the public were set up through pitch sessions and events. This buyer/seller opportunity has ended.

All purchases will still go through Loucks-Christenson husband and wife team, but they will no longer purchase the publics' books due to a homeless man incident against Lisa Loucks-Christenson last fall, and now this man threatening arson, when Loucks-Christenson's husband refused to buy a book from the man. A man who allegedly , if he is who he claims to be and really was the person in the store making his arson threats, abusing Loucks-Christenson's husband, swearing at him, causing a scene went on to smear the Loucks Studios, Inc. brand, Silver Lake Books in a Google Review, making statements that the real reviews were a set up. 

We are investigating this matter and have filed police reports asking RPD to help us.


Silver Lake Books Closed 9/11/20201 Due to Arson Threat on 9/10/2021 and further harassment

Silver Lake Books is closed on 9/11/2021 due to arson threat by Google reviewer.

Police reports filed.

We will re-open 9/13/2021.

WE ARE NOT BUYING ANY BOOKS FROM THE PUBLIC! This is what set this man off. 

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Toads of Telemark™ comic by Lisa Loucks-Christenson defend Don't Eat Bees!™ brand

Toads of Telemark™ comic by Lisa Loucks-Christenson defend Don't Eat Bees!™ brand





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Lisa Loucks-Christenson's Courtly Cottontails™ syndicated cartoon to defend Lisa's book Don't Eat Bees! from Infringing Big 5 Publisher

Lisa Loucks-Christenson's Courtly Cottontails™ syndicated cartoon to defend Lisa's book Don't Eat Bees! from Infringing Big 5 Publisher

The syndicated cartoon, Courtly Cottontails™ by Lisa Loucks-Christenson is creating a buzz about her book, Don't Eat Bees! book #1 of her Don't Eat Bees!™ series published by Bow Wow Detectives®

Art, loose prints, greeting cards, merchandise is for sale and the Don't Eat Bees! art and exhibit is now at it's third location, can be viewed and enjoyed Monday through Saturday, 11-5PM at Silver Lake Books, and other stores.

Lisa's Official Don't Eat Bees! book is launching the audio book in the near future, and an animation is in progress. is the book domain. Any others, like the infringing Big 5 publisher, is not Lisa Loucks-Christenson's number one best-selling and double 2020 Royal Dragonfly Book Awards winning title.

The book Series includes:
Heaven Can Rest, Book 2

and five others, that are not for public knowledge at this time. Evidence is in the first book and other key evidence that this series has been in the works since 2016. 

Legal action is pending against the publisher, author, illustrator, and literary agent, editor and publisher's sales team, printers, and Lisa has already reached out to Homeland Security to seize any fakes of her book that cross borders. This is an authors biggest fear in submitting to a publisher: someone will steal their idea.

Everyone will tell, you, "The big publishers would never do this!"

Lisa never submitted her book to anyone, she has her publishing house, her book hit #1 New Release on Amazon's Children's Dog Books and remained in the top 1-3 position most of the month of January 2020, bumping all the other Big 5 publishers down below her book. "That's the power of God," Lisa adds.

Her cartoon, Courtly Cottontails™  features the Courtly Cottontails and Star Bunny with "IBBY" Dale, the bee-eating German Shepherd (also featured in the drawing) holding one of the queen bees from his story, reaching out to his best bee-friend.

The books that Taurus the Bull holds Is How to Sue Your Infringers, and Leo the Lion is reading Lisa Loucks-Christenson's official Don't Eat Bees!

You'll see many more of these cartoon circulating to bring attention to the wrong this Big 5 Publisher has done. "What they'd done is inexcusable, this book has been advertised internationally, commercials are running in the UK, Canada, and USA, there are display cases showing the book and the awards, more. 

Using a font so similar to Lisa's own personal handwriting on the inside illustration (that was quickly removed off of Amazon, but not before Lisa grabbed the infringing and plagiarized exact text and copyrighted illustration (obvious to everyone, it's been copied). 

As of today, 11/29/2021: Purchases of any and all RandomHouse and Knopf Publishing, including all of their imprints will be put in the back dark areas, if not dumped completely. Lisa is the buyer for her three retail stores, with other stores online. She's cancelling all radio show appearances, taking down every book review, giving that shelf space to other publishers that don't steal her concept, work, and try to pass them off as their original creations off her advertising, rents, and expenses.

If you are an author of any of their imprints, sorry to say, I won't be housed with a den of thieves, that one agent, one author, one illustrator, an editorial and sales team all have caused, and one publisher whose job it is to check out if you are infringing on another publishers work, another creators efforts, in this case, Lisa Loucks-Christenson. 

Lisa is putting a one-year ban on this company and their authors, longer if this goes to federal court, which, it appears it will since multiple willful trademark and copyright infringements are occurring. 

RandomHouse/Knopf will also get to foot the bill for ever single book that is ordered through Lisa's operators, every minute of operator time used, to explain that the other book is not Lisa's. Every byte of bandwidth, overage, and extra services Lisa has to put into place will also be billed to the Big 5 publisher, stealing time, creative efforts (Lisa was finishing her NaNoWriMo book to find this attack on her work), and of course loss of income, dilution of her trademarks, federally registered and legally owned, attorney fees, and more. 


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