Twice as Many Stars

Twice as Many Stars

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Twice as Many Stars 

Author: V. Michels Driscoll 

Through a chance encounter, a young woman finds her life transformed from "normal" to a life she no longer recognizes. A medical mystery affects not only her health and pending marriage, but her very existence. How does she find the medical answer through genetics and the will to carry on through the powers of the wilderness?
  A Novel of perseverance, hope, and finding the joy in all life. 

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The author is a physician specializing in the practice of Medical Genetics. Although all characters and institutions are fictitious, the life experiences presented in this novel are true to the real world. In caring for thousands of patients with genetic disorders, common threads emerged that are embodied in this work. The author crafts an engaging and entertaining story that demonstrates the capacity in all of us to adapt and overcome.

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