Lisa Loucks-Christenson Exhibits

Lisa Loucks-Christenson Exhibits:

Exhibit Opens: May 1, 2022

Location: Peacock Books & Wildlife Art:

Valentine's Adventures 

Come see Valentine, the real Chihuahua that inspired this seven book children's book series.


Winter Bugs Exhibit Edition by Lisa Loucks-Christenson

Winter Bugs Exhibit 

November 1, 2022


Peacock Books & Wildlife Art, in the Galleria at University Square 

Lisa Loucks Christenson's Winter Bugs is a documentary featuring the lives of insects during a Minnesota Winter. Lisa's Winter Bug Exhibit has been featured in local media, exhibited at the National Eagle Center and her art galleries.


This is a free exhibit. Provided as a service to the Rochester community and travelers worldwide that visit. Books, cards, art are available for purchase. 


Walk the Burn Exhibit 


Travel along with Lisa Loucks-Christenson's rotating photos from her Walk the Burn Documentary, one she recorded over seven seasons in the former town of Beaver, Minnesota and beyond. 

Be a witness to the beauty of a re-growth after a controlled burn. Walk with Lisa as she searches for a new subject, every day. Stand beside and hold her up as strange men harass her, sneak up behind her, leave bullet shells where her subjects once lived or stood, because this documentary, like her others did not happened without incident.

Inside the Walk the Burn Documentary, Lisa also recorded The Paper Wasp Documentary (Fall exhibit 2022), Winter Bugs an exhibit that was featured at the National Eagle Center along with Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary, and Struggling for Existence, a work Lisa says she'll be remembered for, covering the lives and end of life for many of her subjects, this documentary shows the struggles our wildlife endure to survive. 

Walk the Burn Exhibit on the second Floor


Minnesota Bound

Lisa Loucks-Christenson's Bald Eagle Documentary aired on Ron Schara's Minnesota Bound.

Ron Schara's Minnesota Bound

 Winter Bugs Exhibit

Lisa Loucks-Christenson

Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary is on display at Silver Lake Books, Old Country Cross Christian Bookstore, and Peacock Books & Wildlife Art

Mayor and Judy

Yellow Katydid on Lisa Loucks-Christenson's Walk the Burn

Yellow Katydid Lisa found on her Walk the Burn Documentary

Beetle with a Snowflake on his back - Lisa's Winter Bugs documentary inside her Walk the Burn

Winter Bugs Documentary by Lisa Loucks-Christenson (also on exhibit at Silver Lake Books, 2nd Floor)

A snowflake that fell on the beetle and Loucks-Christenson grabbed the shot, a couple of them.



Mosquitos filling up with blood on frog by Lisa Loucks-Christenson

Photo quality reduced to prevent value of the expected thefts of more of my work. I really wish you'd just ask. I'm very giving and never deny people to use my work.

It was April 6, 2006, the day before the end of the first year on my Walk the Burn documentary. I waded into neck deep water, the ice had just melted, and it was only around 40 degrees air temperature. I don't know how cold the water was. I saw the mosquito land on the frog. I waded deeper and deeper into the slough, colder than I've ever been, but seeing a mosquito filling up with blood was the most interesting thing I'd documented in months. It took almost 20 minutes for it to become this engorged. The frog dove under the water, leaving two mosquitos on their backs. Then, the second mosquito stabbed the stomach of the blood-filled mosquito. I have that video too. It was a very interesting experience and after it, dry land never felt so warm and welcoming.  

 I shot over one million images on this documentary. Come see my rotating collection of the life that I observed while walking the same beat through seven seasons. 



Shipwreck Sunday! 


Silver Lake Books

Second Floor 

This exhibit features select paintings from the VALENTINE’S ADVENTURES Series written and illustrated by Lisa Loucks-Christenson's book series.

Valentine's Adventures:

Blustery Tuesday!

Shipwreck Sunday!

Museum Monday!

Stowaway Saturday!

Faire Friday!

and more

Opening soon.

Art cards, program book, and other merchadise will be available for sale.


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