Saliem: an African Grey Timneh Kharafa

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An African Grey Timneh Kharafa

Written and Illustrated by Lisa Loucks Christenson

Publisher: Loucks Studios, Inc.

Omar Abraham Mohamed walked out to his balcony and stood before his new gift: Saliem,  an African Grey Timneh parrot stood, one with a dusty grey head, one that perched on his hand carved olive branch perch—a gift from the King and growled, a low groan, that was not much louder than a warning sound of Abadaufish, his six pound chihuahua—just before he struck at an assailamt.

  ‘Hello, marhabaan,” Omar said, trying to coax a reply from his gift bird, one who not much larger than a pigeon, adorned in cloud grey and charcoal layers of feathers, almost as magical as the millions of colors flickering in their hues, a talking bird with a short fitted tail aglow with a ruby sheen reflecting off his russet colored tail. “

سوف تتحدث لي من أي وقت مضى؟
sawf tatahadath li min 'ayi waqt madaa؟

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