The Humor of Healing

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Author: Dr. Donald A. Johnson

With anecdotes from three centuries, Dr. Donald A. Johnson shatters the physician facade with a hilarious look at mishaps, bizarre treatments, malaprops and malfunctions in American medicine. Here are a few examples: . A trick used by midwives to bring on childbirth was to blow snuff up the expectant mother's nose, causing her to sneeze. (Page 37) . The husband of a sick woman became concerned when the doctor came out of her room several times asking for a small piece of wire with a hook, a pair of pliers and a small hammer. When the husband asked what was wrong with his wife, the doctor replied, "I don't know. I haven't been able to get my bag open." (Page 97) . A surgeon once prayed with a patient in his room, asking God's help in the next morning's operation. The patient promptly cancelled the surgery, saying, "If you need that much help, I need another surgeon." (Page 182) . When a man was having a heart attack, his son tried to give him CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) but didn't know how. In desperation, the son finally grabbed a toilet plunger and used it vigorously on the chest, bringing his father back to life. (Page 206)


Publisher: Lisa Loucks Christenson Publishing, LLC  
Publisher Number: 6093149  
Publisher Reference Number: 1932542205
Parent ISBN: 1932542132
Title: The Humor of Healing
Publication Date: 1/31/2005
On Sale Date: 2/4/2005
Language: English

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