The Christmas Heart and other stories of the season

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The Christmas Heart
and other stories of the season

by Greg Borowski

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At Christmas, it seems, there is magic everywhere — or at least we want there to be. The real magic, though, only comes when it is not sought or expected. In The Christmas Heart, it comes just when a small boy’s quest for the perfect gift for his mother seems shattered.

There is magic, too, in a mysterious package, a return to a childhood home, an unexpected snow storm, a forgotten clutch of pine trees and even the sudden snap of the fingers, when everything stops just long enough so a child can make it right.

The Christmas Heart, a collection of stories by award-winning author Greg Borowski, is sure to become a holiday treasure. It is for everyone who believes in the magic of Christmas — and especially those for whom the magic has been lost.


The Christmas Heart
Publication date: October 2005
ISBN 1-932542-25-6

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