Stalag Wisconsin Inside WW II prisoner-of-war camps

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Stalag Wisconsin
Inside WW II prisoner-of-war camps

by Betty Cowley

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STALAG WISCONSIN: Inside WW II prisoner-of-war camps
is a comprehensive look inside Wisconsin's 38 branch camps that held 20,000 Nazi and Japanese prisoners of war during World War II. Many of these prisoners blended with the local community, drinking at taverns and even dating local girls. Some returned and settled in Wisconsin after their release. Their familiarity with local residents caused resentment by returning soliders who had battled them in Europe and Asia.

Author Betty Cowley is a retired history teacher living in Eau Claire. She spent three years researching the book, interviewed over 300 people, including former prisoners and guards, and collected over 75 photos. She was interviewed on NPR's "All Things Considered" on Feb. 7, 2002.


USA TODAY, Jan. 28, 2002:
"A retired history teacher describes in a book how more than 20,000 prisoners of war worked on farms in nearly 40 Wisconsin communities during World War II. Betty Cowley collected photos and stories detailing the camps that housed Germans, Japanese, Italians and others. She wrote her book, Stalag Wisconsin: Inside World War II Prisoner of War Camps after her students said they didn't believe that their community once housed POWs."

Stalag Wisconsin:
Inside WWII Prisoner of War Camps

Publication date: February 2002
ISBN 1-878569-83-X

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