Angel of Souls

Snowy River Press


Angel of Souls

L. L. Christenson

New Adult Romantic Suspense

Release: 2018

Publisher: Snowy River

Foriegn Translation and print rights available


Rumor has it Brianna is known for her unstable moods but Brianna believes she’s a completely normal 19-year-old and wishes her parents would stop bugging her. There’s nothing wrong with her, she’s only trying to work on her college project. That and she’s discovered that when she lets her mind go quiet she can see things that others can’t—the dead. People she knows that have crossed over. People who motion and move their lips and hands but she can’t make out what they are saying,

On the way to school Brianna’s car is struck by a truck and she’s rushed to the emergency room for a collapsed lung surgery. When she is put under, she is greeted by her relatives that have passed—and she can hear them. They share they only a limited amount of time to tell her and to show her the things she needs to know before the anesthesia wears off.

They show her a man she will soon encounter, a dangerous man, a young doctor from India who goes by the name Ishaan. They show her how he charms others and shares he is a Healer. Next, they point out to her the people clinging to his back—and tells her they are the souls he has taken. Ishaan is not healer, he is here on earth gathering souls. Her dead relatives explain to Brianna that he’s a dark angel and a helper for Death, directing lost souls to the wrong paths. Souls en route for heaven he confuses and coaxes away from their soul guides, luring the unsuspecting victims into choosing the wrong way. When he succeeds, he uses them as pawns for a longer stay—his payment from Death.

Brianna’s relatives show her Dillion, a man she is about to meet, an Angel of God posing as a human. He’s been watching over her since Ishaan showed up. They share with her he is in grave danger because he has fallen in love with a human—her. Angels weren’t supposed to fall in love but sometimes it happens. Dillon’s fallen so hard for Brianna he can’t focus on his true mission—destroying Ishaan’s grasp on any more souls and sending him back to where he belongs. He knows there are dire consequences for angels who don’t complete their assignments. Worse, since he missed his deadline, she is about to fall out of his Dillons’s protection and under the charms of Ishaan—another of his tricks.

Most importantly, they share that she will only remember the truths they are sharing—as something she will recognize, but not remember. To counter this, she will be given the sudden gift of “knowingness” and the desire to learn how to to read lips—to become an interpreter—skills she will need for her days ahead as she is guided by her angels.

Can her deceased relatives find a way to help Brianna remember their conversation? Remind and warn her, to know the truth and pray to God and His angels, to keep trusting in them, use her new “gifts” for knowledge to understand what she’ll no longer hear from them?

Will Dillion’s love for Brianna be enough to keep her safe—no matter the cost? Will Brianna find the strength to resist Ishaan’s lures, his charms, rise above his lies and help send him back south?

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