Forward in Flight: The History of Aviation In Wisconsin

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Forward in Flight:
The History of Aviation In Wisconsin

by Michael J. Goc

]The first, only, and definitive story of aviation in Wisconsin. From hot air ballooning in the 1850s to the astronauts who walked on the moon--with biplanes, barnstormers, and Air Force bombers in between--Forward in Flight is a must-read for aviation buffs everywhere.

A veteran press and radio journalist, Michael J. Goc is the author/editor of over sixty books on Wisconsin history, nine of which -- including Forward in Flight -- have received Awards of Merit from the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Here's what one reviewer said about Forward in Flight:

"Forward in Flight covers the development of aviation in the state of Wisconsin from the 1850s to today. It talks about the big names in aviation like Charles Lindbergh and Billy Mitchell and the minor figures as well. Until I read this book I did not know that Wisconsin was the place where the first airliner was designed and built and where the first all-metal airplanes were built.... This is an entertaining and beautiful book with a deceptive title. It is not just about Wisconsin, but about the entire field of aviation."

Forward in Flight:
The History of Aviation in Wisconsin

8 1/2 x 11, casebound with dustjacket, 352 pages, 300 black-and-white & color photos
ISBN 0-938627-40-6



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