Farh North, Dynasti Chorsellin

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Farh North

Episode 1

Dynasti Chorsellin

Written and Illustrated by: L. L. Christenson

Publisher: Stormy Lake Paranormals imprint of Book Entree™

Genre: Paranormal, Angels & Demons



As the unstoppable teenage war of the century begins to unfold, expelling a legion of fallen angels; hatred and distrust among the changing culture of the Med City, one selected centuries ago, something far more sinister is about to break open, and release the ungodly into the lives of the Christians.

The new leader has waited, patiently, for this territory—since the Great Cyclone of 1888–and now, finally, Harlan’s time has come—and he couldn’t be more pleased. When his new agenda is delivered, publicly, the storm of two centuries moves in.

It doesn't take long for the new investors to buy up the almost priceless former abodes of the people and businesses, breaking the fortunes of the century-old blessings of the once protected, holy, healthy, servants-to-the-world residents, businesses, and non-profits of Rochester, Minnesota.

Just as the clock changes to the new year of firsts, fresh starts and new beginnings, a band of demons descends into the city of healing and hope to claim the now damaged city as their own. The Dynasti Chorsellin—a band of fallen agents and their leader, Cade Mitoses, roams the ruins of the city like a cell divided. Once an Angel of the Lord, now a thug, an agent of the Rxer’s Clan. Cade will do whatever he can to keep Farh North, his soulmate, that he brought along feom their former land—promising her it would be safe here, but she’s been captured in the lost and divided city.

The woman he loves—a prisoner rumored to be hidden in the biotech medicine labs—one of them—and Cade will give up his long-awaited land to gain her back. He won’t leave until she is safe in his arms—and until she is—he will turn over ever rock, look in every crevice, crush anyone harboring her, until he finds her.

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