The Adventures of the Courtly Cottontails, Connecting the Stars, Book 16

Courtly Cottontails™ syndicated cartoon by Lisa Loucks-Christenson

Courtly Cottontails in Connecting the Stars, Book 16, by Creator Lisa Loucks-Christenson

#16-02 by Lisa Loucks-Christenson

Book of comics, 32 illustrations



Book 16 of the Adventures of the Courtly Cottontails:

The Courtly Cottontails become skyward detectives, connecting the stars into constellations to discover who is chasing their friend in this hare-raising adventure. But can they stop Star Bunny's stalker in his sky tracks with the help of a few starry night friends, the light on the moon, and heat of the sun? Find out in The Adventures of the Courtly Cottontails: Connecting the Stars, Book 16, by national award-winning author and illustrator Lisa Loucks-Christenson.

Courtly Cottontial

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