About Us

Welcome to Silver Lake Books™ a division of Loucks Studios, Inc. a locally-owned independent book store serving Rochester, Minnesota, and the surrounding communities.

Our hours fluctuate because Lisa is at her main store in the Kahler.

Silver Lake Books™ is open most Sunday's (Lisa does take an ocassional day off!), noon to 6PM, some early mornings (closing around 11:30AM, and some evenings after 8:15 PM until 10PM). Hours will change with the seasons, and we do take appointments. Please give us a call if you want to pick up a title at either location.

Our visitors are worldwide. Our sister store is Peacock Books & Wildlife Art by Lisa Loucks Christenson located in Shop #1, of the Kahler Grand Hotel. Peacock sells brand new releases, best selling titles, Lisa Loucks Christenson's documentaries, wildlife art and photos, ebooks, art cards, regional interest, mysteries, children's books, and Christian books. Open Noon to 8PM Monday through Saturday. 

Silver Lake Books is located a block off North Broadway, on the popular 1st Ave NE, behind Hunt's Drug, Grandma's Kitchen, Great Wall, in the left wing (north side) of the1500 Building, street level with plenty of parking.

Our clients and readers search our bricks-and-mortar bookstore to discover books from their childhood, new releases, mint condition new to well-used copies of a unique mixture of curated titles, in a wide variety of genres.

We stock a rotating selection of over 10K children's books, middle grade, YA; over 1000 Christian, and thousands of secular titles in most genres.

We carry most genres: art books, adventure, agriculture, arts, autobiography, biography, cooking, diets, environment, essays, health, history, nature, medical, memoir, music, mystery, self-help, suspense, thriller, WWII, westerns, and wildlife.

Our inventory changes daily and can be searched online (we don't list every title that's available). We sell hardcover, paperback, ebooks, wildlife art by Lisa.

We stock and supply the books, films, shorts and offer exhibits from the imprints from all the divisions of Loucks Studios, Inc., our parent company.

Lisa's other books are sold to gift shops, museums, libraries, retail stores and more. Not sure how to find your next book? Search our collections to find books by title, imprint, region, or genre.

We have a request list that we maintain for clients searching for new books and hard-to-find books. Call or stop by with your book request and we'll try and find you a copy for a value you set. If you have a book that we have a request for, please let us know your best price.

Since people inquire; We do not offer any publishing services to authors or creators. Loucks Studios, Inc. brands, imprints publishes her work only, not outside authors. 

We sell books, ebooks (Loucks Studios, Inc. imprints only) art, wildlife art, fudge, confections made by David, Lisa's husband, and gift products Lisa chooses to purchase.

We do not offer any consignment programs. All of our books and gifts are bought through Lisa for the Silver Lake Books division of Loucks Studios, Inc., they are purchased from other publishers, their remainders, close-outs, and from indie authors.


Please Note:

We don't buy books from the public at this time. All of our purchases have sales receipts from reputable sellers.

We don't offer a trade for credit program. 

All our books are sold as new from our publishing house, imprints, brands; new from our purchase of a publishers' assets; new from retailers who purchased the books new but didn't sell them (overstock) or found a buyer; or used books that have been previously purchased from a reputable source (libraries, our book sources, other sources. These books may have been read, or are books we bought new but covers were damaged, torn dust jackets, or contain marks, or writing inside.

All sales are sold as-is and as a final sale. 

If you are an author, indie, publicist, or publisher that wants to host an author signing or sell your books to us (wholesale/trade discount expected) please send us your information by mail, or email us. 

Email: silverlakebooks@gmail.com

Phone: (507) 226-9209.

All of our books are purchased with our standard 55% trade discount.

We do not offer a consignment program at this time.

Books, arts, chocolate sold in our store are all curated and hand chosen due to personal choices by owner.

We don't offer any buy-in fee or author consignment program to get your books on our shelves. We buy books we believe may sell.

We reserve the right to refuse books for any reason.




Lisa Loucks Christenson Wildlife Art & Books