Our Policies & Info

Welcome to Silver Lake Books, a local independent bookstore serving Rochester, Minnesota and the surrounding communities.

Silver Lake Books is a bricks-and-mortar bookstore located in the Silver Lake Center offering new, used, book sets, exclusive titles, and vintage books.

Silver Lake Books sells the art, books, cards, and works of professional wildlife photographer, Lisa Loucks-Christenson.

Our clients love searching our store for hard to find, books from their childhood,  new releases, books and ebooks and wildlife art that is sold exclusively in our networked stores.

Silver Lake Books sells new and used books in new, mint, excellent, good, ex-library and some heavily used books (some books are out of print and these copies sell for current values for antique or out of print books).

We stock a rotating selection of children's books, middle grade, young adult,  over Christian, fiction, and non-fiction.

We carry most genres: art books, action, adventure, agriculture, arts, autobiography, biography, classics, cooking, diets, environment, essays, fantasy, graphic novels, health, historical, horror, nature, medical, memoir, music, mystery, political, self-help, science-fiction, suspense, thriller, WWII, westerns, and wildlife.

Our available inventory changes daily. We list some of our book inventory on our website and add our photos and descriptions when time allows. Please call us if you are searching for a title that you don't see listed.  

We maintain a page for book requests that we post for clients searching for new books, out-of-print, and hard-to-find books. Call us with your book request and we'll try and find you a copy. If you have a book that we have a request for, please let us know your best price to see if its a book or collectible we want to purchase for our clients.



Our website site is available to our USA clients, if you are out of the USA you may call us to inquire but we do not sell outside the USA. If you are not buying from within the USA, please don't use our site. Any information we collect from your visit on our website is collected in accordance to USA laws, where our site is maintained, and where we do business. 

All of our books are purchased from reputable sellers, sales, and customers who sell us their gently used books. We may be interested in purchasing your new or used book(s) as an individual book or your collection, be sure to check your book(s) for loose pages, writing inside, and note any damages. Books presented with smoke, foxing, mildew or musty smelling books are not acceptable. Please call to make an appointment on Monday's between 12:30 PM and 4PM to bring in your used books. Any other days or hours we will consider your books as time allows.

We don't offer any wholesale programs. Our books are sold at our set retail prices.

We pay you for good to excellent condition books.

We don't offer any trade for credit program, coupons, loyalty cards, or other discounts. 

We keep our pricing simple and sell our curated books at our set prices included with each title. The Silver Lake Books price(s) are priced at our retail price we've set, if there are other prices in the books from previous owners and sellers, we can't and don't honor other booksellers (old price marks on used titles), stamped or written prices in the books (if any). 

We sell at fair market values, so if a book is valued at $60 at current sources, we will ask for $60, not $2 dollars. We are a bookstore that makes its profits by selling new, exclusive titles, new and used books at the prices we determine our property is valued at. We have our books marked for our online store. 

USED & EBOOKS: All sales are final, sold as-is. Please examine your books before making a purchase.

We can't refund any electronic books. Once sold the sale is final.

NEW BOOKS: Books may be returned for store refund, if returned with receipt, and within 14 days of purchase in the condition it was purchased.

We do not offer any consignment programs.

We reserve the right to refuse books or customers for any reason.

Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.  Parents or guardians must take care of their children in the store and not allow them to climb shelves, mishandle, or damage our products.

We don't have public bathrooms. 

We don't allow scanners in our stores. 

Our titles, information is Silver Lake Books proprietary information, it's not allowed to be stored in any medium, on any storage device, cloud, phone, app, or computer without express written permission by Lisa Kay Loucks-Christenson IP Holdings, LLC.  Silver Lake Books holds exclusive rights to sell products by Lisa Kay Loucks-Christenson, who owns the registered trademark on the Bow Wow Detectives®. 

We don't allow filming of our books, covers, art, customers, prices, or our business owners or family. Please respect our personal property and legal rights and know it's our right to deny photos of our business, products with Lisa Kay Loucks-Christenson's registered trademark, trademarks, and copyrighted art, logos, designs. 

Our phone, contact forms, and sales support is limited to answering inquires for book orders, art purchases, inquires about upcoming events, new releases, and questions regarding Silver Lake Books hours or services.  





Lisa Loucks-Christenson's ebooks, paperbacks, hardcovers sold through our book network.