Emme Jo Christenson Creator of the Kerk and Derk Comic

Kerk and Derk

By  Emme Jo Christenson

Comic #1 published 10/15/2015 in the Victory Voice.

Drawing and illustrating since she was only 18 months, Emme is now a high-school student working on her first comic strip, Kerk and Derk. 

In the first comic readers are introduced to Kerk, a quirky crocodile whose favorite pastime may be fishing, but his usual practice of catch-and-release changes forever after Kerk snags the attention of the resident, fly-by-the-fin Great White shark, Derk. 

Like kindred spirits, the two connect eager to explore the unknown, unaware of any troubles ahead, most arguably, to a place where using their God-given wisdom may not always mean putting their best foot or fin forward as they journey on to reach new lands in their unpredictable but worthwhile adventures ahead. 


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Emme "Syche" Christenson's 2013 Art Summary:

These are Emme's illustrations from age 12 to13.

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