What if your best friend was Jesus?

What if your best friend was Jesus?

A Christmas story that will make you think twice about who you meet when your think you are alone.

Dedicated to my brother Brian, who at times, may believe he skates alone.

I love you forever.

Cover illustration is a digital illustration by Lisa Loucks-Christenson and that is the Hoover school ice rink for Rochester fans of this book. 

Volume 2: The Christmas Calf (a story I wrote for my younger sister, Heather. 

This is the story of retarded calf born on Christmas Eve, and put out behind the barn to die. The farmer's son can't sleep that nigh. He hears the cries of the calf and goes back to tend to him. Jesus isn't far away, He has a message for the farmer and his son, one that only His calf can deliver.  Release: Christmas 2022.

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