Silver Lake Books Closed 9/11/20201 Due to Arson Threat on 9/10/2021 and further harassment

Two Rochester Police Reports have been filed against a man who came into Silver Lake Books around 3:30 PM on 9/10.2021, at the 903 6th St. NW, Rochester, Minnesota location. He demanded my husband buy his beat up children's ex-library book, for over $200 because it was for sale on Amazon for $500.00+ and he wanted half of that. 

He was told, Silver Lake Books isn't purchasing books at this time. Following corporate policy.

He became aggressive, abusive, swearing, calling my husband names and then threatened arson saying that he would burn the book in front of our building. Of course that means our warehouse, housing about 60K more books, the Loucks Studios, Inc, editorial offices, photo studio, and exhibit area and our fish tanks, and our 40K book area for used book and new books by Loucks Studios, Inc. 

The entire second floor houses the editorial offices for Loucks Studios, Inc. about 4000 sq. feet of publishing materials, books, and studio equipment. Loucks-Christenson takes every threat seriously, and will pursue legal action against this suspect. He is permanently banned from the stores and services under the Loucks Studios, Inc. umbrella, all subdivisions, divisions including the Kahler store, Peacock Books & Wildlife Art, and all stores operating under Lisa Loucks-Christenson Publishing, LLC. are closed 9/11/2021 to 9/13/2021 due to arson threat for refusing to buy a used book from a man, who allegedly left his real name and more messages on a Google Review. 


Around 1 AM on 09/11/2021, I received a review from a man calling our business a scam, my husband a con and trying to say all our reviews are a set up. 

All of our reviews can be reviewed by reaching out to the people who left them, they are all real people who have visited and left their honest, non-paid, reviews We don't ask people or give rewards to customers who review any of our services.  

Loucks-Christenson has asked the Rochester Police to arrest this man, and have him trespassed, permanently. A second Police Report was sent  in, after finding a new Google review with a man's name, who makes comments about being in the store on 9/10/2021. We will be verifying his identity with video and Loucks-Christenson's husband who was the victim.

For our safety, two incidents, two days in a row, Loucks Studios, Inc. properties are closed for the weekend. The 24/7 business phone service will continue to operate as usual, since it is not part of the targeted attack.

Due to privacy laws, we can't reveal the Google Reviewer's name, but if you search Google reviews you'll find his review. 

 Silver Lake Books is a Division of Loucks Studios, Inc. 

Lisa Loucks-Christenson is the founder, president and CEO of Loucks Studios, Inc. 

As you may know, Peacock Books in the Kahler Grand Hotel is off the lobby of the Kahler Grand Hotel, on the west side of the building, on 2nd Avenue. Victoria's is on the East side, on 1st Avenue and East Center Street, there was a bomb threat at the Victoria's the day before. No bombs were found. 

Loucks-Christenson has also asked the Rochester Police to investigate any possible link between the bomb threat at Victoria's in the Kahler Grand Hotel and this person threatening to burn his book in front of the Silver Lake Books building over a book Silver Lake Books declined to purchase. 

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