The Cost of Stolen Art/books

The Cost of Stolen Art/books



Bow Wow Detectives

Hallowink Hollow 2020

Hallowink Hollow™


10/20/2021: One search of my name to do a quick image and book theft inquiry.

1 stolen book in three formats: PDF, Mobi, e-Pub, Hallowink Hollow™ Series.

The eBook was sold, exclusively, through Amazon KDP for a few months, and the book became a #1 best seller, then.

The stolen copy:

4.6/5  (1184 ratings) on the stolen work

Publisher income: $.0

Author Royalty: $.0

Streaming service that stole the book $14 or $14.95 a month, with a 7 day free trial. They offer unlimited authors works, my guess is that many of these works are stolen like my book, and made into three formats, or more.

One DMCA take down notice written and sent.

One hour of my time used to blog, tweet, email, collect evidence.

Photos: a few more websites, eleven more images of mine, stolen photos. 

(this is why I put very few images of mine online, especially the wildlife work and illustrations that take me many hours to create.)

Book Goals for 10/20/2021:

Two Illustrations, one for Book 5, Hallowink Hollow™ series, the same series as the stolen ebook, in three formats, as mentioned above.

One illustration for my 15th book in my Courtly Cottontails series, Meteor Showers.

One letter to the legal department at Amazon.

One letter to my attorney.

Two twitter posts to show the theft and create a time stamp, public post for others to check their books.

Two emails sent to myself. One to document the theft with the screenshots, a one email to prove I sent the take down notice, a second email to prove they "successfully received the DMCA take down notice", the proof that I sent the take down notice stating that I am the creator, the copyright holder.

I had planned on working on another book tonight. One that literally became a page of notes, breaking, my time into snippets, destroying the creativity I had and inspiration. I'll write it out tomorrow. I already had time set aside for the illustrations. 

I will address the stolen photos tomorrow. The thieves just cost my time at the store, now I have to stay at my home office to take care of the people stealing my work.   I'm a creator. I don't just "owe" my work to anyone, no one does.

My work is contracted and licensed. Those licensee's expect exclusivity, that's why we have a contract. Sometimes exclusive, other times non-exclusive. Now the theft has become my problem. This happened because the book was published online.

I watched and grabbed the information the websites flashed by, each with their own maze of IP addresses, owners, proxy servers, it's my job to find the source. I will. I'm pretty good at this now. I don't stop there. I find every detail. I'm a hound dog for that info. I can smell that trouble a mile away and find a pattern in just seconds. I know where to look. I know how to stop it. Sometimes I can solve it myself, other times, I use some really good IP attorney's. You would not even believe how many walk through my doors. The best. Federal agents. People who teach me things. 

It's my legal right to attempt to stop the infringers. If you want to create, expect this to be your future too. There is no protection. Your copyright notice will drag you into 25-year-cases, people will try and force you out of your brands. I know. I've been that person, and I have fought and own my brands. You touch and steal it, I'm going to fight you. I'm not going to sugar coat your journey. There are attorney's that will tell you that you will need deep pockets, just change your name. DON'T. If you created it. Keep it. Fight for it. Use it. Stand longer than your opponent. 


Usually, your opponent won't have money for your copyright infringement case. Most of them never do. I bought a brand and fought in Olmsted County Court at the deception of selling me a falsified trademark. It should never have been asked, by their attorney, "Are you under the  impression that you can't use the ® on your products, if you don't own the trademark? The copyright suit hasn't been brought on, because she keeps moving state-to-state, while running the software and website on her servers, illegally.

 It'll be my expense to put out the $2500 retainer to start a case against them, start with a cease and desist, wait for them not to respond, send it again, another $250.00, and so on. 

I've been dealing with the theft of my Bow Wow Detectives® registered trademark by three infringers, one studio (well known in California), a theme park in India, where I hold the copyright, and a book that hit #1 best seller, just before they attempted to register a trademark for that series and trade name, in India, and failed. I didn't know they were Christians. That series is a Christian series. I have total faith in my Creator, and I already trust the outcome. No one beats Jesus.


Here is my book:

Hallowink Hollow Halloween Party


Here is the legal sales page on Amazon, selling their e-pub version of my work, legally.

The stolen book is NOT available as a PDF, or Mobi file.  So the infringers have made derivative works from the e-pub file, or they hacked my Adobe account, or my computer and stole the files, or stole them from my physical space (police have all those break-ins). This is why, last fall, when I had another illegal access into my store, this time at Peacock Books, this is why I told the police how quick a theft can be, and they understood stealing a penny candy on the desk, but couldn't consider that intellectual property is worth far more than a piece of candy. 

These are the only ways they could have the files. I only licensed the one file. It was published on Amazon as an exclusive product. Now they have also destroyed my ability to honestly re-list the book on Amazon--ever--exclusively, because they are selling it, illegally, depriving my publisher, me, our profits. 

This is the exact reason I sell my physical books in our networked stores, exclusively. I can monitor sales.

For ebooks we sell, exclusively in-house, I can monitor licenses, keys, downloads -- people converting the files by security measures I have personally built into every single book and illustration. Undeniable proof who owns the work, what is licensed. What is not. Like in this case: PDF and Mobi files.

I have a series of books on another site, similar to this hosting site selling works of authors. They stole 12 of the 14 books and have been making a tidy profit off the work. Again the profits: Publisher, $.0, Author: $.0. 

I demanded that they take them down. They are a well known service. They complied. Then, a month or two later, there the books were again. I called. I sent emails. I sent a new cease and desist letter upgrading the copyright infringement, per book, to the new willful copyright infringement, per book.

I was told I'd have to talk to my distributor. That they authorized the books to be on their website. That was a bad mistake on their part. I own my own 24/7 fulfillment center and distribute our titles, wherever I want since, 1987. As founder, president and ceo, I know, exactly, who my contacts are. I know every vendor, every employee. I know each and every store, the sales, tech support and who my clients are. This company is not a vendor. They are not ever going to be a vendor. Now, I have to fork out another $2500 per book, to pull these back in-house, because they thinks for now, they have the upper-hand.

Then the pandemic hit. 

This closed down that theme park stealing my Bow Wow Detectives®, for now. Last I saw the author that stole my Bow Wow Detectives® smearing my name and brand, selling tickets to the play that is called piracy, I received nothing. He went on to  win an award for his work stolen off my brand  and diluting my work, my creation and all the awards I've won writing the books, #1 best-sellers, art, cards, and 16 years of my life branding, handing out free samples, cards, readings, renting displays, advertising and more: he had updated his smear post on how I was being mean, how I thought I had that right to tell him not to steal my work, brand, creation. I saw how he had now changed the name of his play to another creators' name for their brand. That's their problem. I know how to help them if they find this post. 

California studio: I know who you are. I know what you've done. My attorney's are watching you. Enough said for now.

Google Play: you are illegally selling downloads to the Detective Bow Wow and that is in the USA, illegally, against my registered trademark. I've sent both the studio, and Google their cease and desist letters. 

So when you buy one of my books, my publishing houses' intellectual rights 100%, you are paying for copies of books that are supposed to be my right to sell. Trademarks have to be fought for, hourly, sometimes.


Hallowink Hollow™ brand That little ™ states this is my legal trademark, a mark I am using in commerce, and now, apparently, someone else is too.

Lisa Loucks Christenson
PO Box 9177
Rochester, MN 55903
This book was stolen, not licensed or sold as a PDF or Mobi file.
Hallowink Hollow Halloween Party


Exhibit 1B Proof of email sent to self as evidence, with screenshots.

Proof of DMCA NOTICE SENT Exhibit 1



Exhibit 2 Proof of DMCA Take Down Notice Sent and received by infringing party

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