Silver Lake is Not Buying Books From The Public.

Silver Lake Books and Peacock Books in the Kahler Grand are closed 9/11/2021 to 9/13/2021 due to arson threat and man harassing Loucks Studios, Inc. brand to give Rochester Police time to arrest suspect  and trespass him, permanently. Before someone is killed, we are stating publicly, WE ARE NOT BUYING BOOKS FROM THE PUBLIC.

After two incidents involving attacks on both Lisa Loucks-Christenson, and now her husband with the threat of Arson, for not buying a customers' book, a new corporate policy has been put into place by Lisa Loucks-Christenson, founder, president and CEO of Loucks Studios, Inc.

All of our purchases from the public were set up through pitch sessions and events. This buyer/seller opportunity has ended.

All purchases will still go through Loucks-Christenson husband and wife team, but they will no longer purchase the publics' books due to a homeless man incident against Lisa Loucks-Christenson last fall, and now this man threatening arson, when Loucks-Christenson's husband refused to buy a book from the man. A man who allegedly , if he is who he claims to be and really was the person in the store making his arson threats, abusing Loucks-Christenson's husband, swearing at him, causing a scene went on to smear the Loucks Studios, Inc. brand, Silver Lake Books in a Google Review, making statements that the real reviews were a set up. 

We are investigating this matter and have filed police reports asking RPD to help us.


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