Lisa Loucks-Christenson's Courtly Cottontails™ syndicated cartoon to defend Lisa's book Don't Eat Bees! from Infringing Big 5 Publisher

Lisa Loucks-Christenson's Courtly Cottontails™ syndicated cartoon to defend Lisa's book Don't Eat Bees! from Infringing Big 5 Publisher

The syndicated cartoon, Courtly Cottontails™ by Lisa Loucks-Christenson is creating a buzz about her book, Don't Eat Bees! book #1 of her Don't Eat Bees!™ series published by Bow Wow Detectives®

Art, loose prints, greeting cards, merchandise is for sale and the Don't Eat Bees! art and exhibit is now at it's third location, can be viewed and enjoyed Monday through Saturday, 11-5PM at Silver Lake Books, and other stores.

Lisa's Official Don't Eat Bees! book is launching the audio book in the near future, and an animation is in progress. is the book domain. Any others, like the infringing Big 5 publisher, is not Lisa Loucks-Christenson's number one best-selling and double 2020 Royal Dragonfly Book Awards winning title.

The book Series includes:
Heaven Can Rest, Book 2

and five others, that are not for public knowledge at this time. Evidence is in the first book and other key evidence that this series has been in the works since 2016. 

Legal action is pending against the publisher, author, illustrator, and literary agent, editor and publisher's sales team, printers, and Lisa has already reached out to Homeland Security to seize any fakes of her book that cross borders. This is an authors biggest fear in submitting to a publisher: someone will steal their idea.

Everyone will tell, you, "The big publishers would never do this!"

Lisa never submitted her book to anyone, she has her publishing house, her book hit #1 New Release on Amazon's Children's Dog Books and remained in the top 1-3 position most of the month of January 2020, bumping all the other Big 5 publishers down below her book. "That's the power of God," Lisa adds.

Her cartoon, Courtly Cottontails™  features the Courtly Cottontails and Star Bunny with "IBBY" Dale, the bee-eating German Shepherd (also featured in the drawing) holding one of the queen bees from his story, reaching out to his best bee-friend.

The books that Taurus the Bull holds Is How to Sue Your Infringers, and Leo the Lion is reading Lisa Loucks-Christenson's official Don't Eat Bees!

You'll see many more of these cartoon circulating to bring attention to the wrong this Big 5 Publisher has done. "What they'd done is inexcusable, this book has been advertised internationally, commercials are running in the UK, Canada, and USA, there are display cases showing the book and the awards, more. 

Using a font so similar to Lisa's own personal handwriting on the inside illustration (that was quickly removed off of Amazon, but not before Lisa grabbed the infringing and plagiarized exact text and copyrighted illustration (obvious to everyone, it's been copied). 

As of today, 11/29/2021: Purchases of any and all RandomHouse and Knopf Publishing, including all of their imprints will be put in the back dark areas, if not dumped completely. Lisa is the buyer for her three retail stores, with other stores online. She's cancelling all radio show appearances, taking down every book review, giving that shelf space to other publishers that don't steal her concept, work, and try to pass them off as their original creations off her advertising, rents, and expenses.

If you are an author of any of their imprints, sorry to say, I won't be housed with a den of thieves, that one agent, one author, one illustrator, an editorial and sales team all have caused, and one publisher whose job it is to check out if you are infringing on another publishers work, another creators efforts, in this case, Lisa Loucks-Christenson. 

Lisa is putting a one-year ban on this company and their authors, longer if this goes to federal court, which, it appears it will since multiple willful trademark and copyright infringements are occurring. 

RandomHouse/Knopf will also get to foot the bill for ever single book that is ordered through Lisa's operators, every minute of operator time used, to explain that the other book is not Lisa's. Every byte of bandwidth, overage, and extra services Lisa has to put into place will also be billed to the Big 5 publisher, stealing time, creative efforts (Lisa was finishing her NaNoWriMo book to find this attack on her work), and of course loss of income, dilution of her trademarks, federally registered and legally owned, attorney fees, and more. 

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