Don't Eat Bees! Commercial

Don't Eat Bees! Commercial

Don't Eat Bees!™

Book One, Don't Eat Bees™ series 

 The original story award-winning story by Lisa Loucks-Christenson won two  2020 Royal Dragonfly Awards for the illustrations and for the story, and hit #1 on Amazon, in multiple categories, bumping down the Big 5 publisher's book, that is infringing on Lisa's copyright, plagiarized her text inside her book (also her cover illustration) and told her to go sell her book to people who would buy her kind of book, which, apparently were the Amazon customers pushing their titles down under her book. Also, as Lisa pointed out to their attorney, they plagiarized her words, but wrote "bees" like her title and inside page, but only showed one bee in their illustration. Lisa pointed out that every kid in the America will be looking for another "bee" and they should add one. (if you're going to lift another authors art and ignore their copyright AND FEDERAL TRADEMARK they are infringing on, may as well do it big! Maybe they couldn't afford the illustrator's Canadian fees for the second bee? I heard plagiarism is taken seriously in Canada, not the USA though. Time will tell. 

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