This is a photo of Dani and me. She was one of our security dogs. She gave her life trying to protect us, by neighbors that crossed the line, several times.

I have two witnesses that observed the running to the fence and they even went over to investigate what was causing her to run to that same spot.  I have video of neighbors causing issues all on video. I have police reports and comments of the responding officer. I'll protect him.

I have photos of someone throwing ibuprofen in a bag with food in our yard, men's tracks in our woods (he had to trespass to get there).

A few years prior, my gallery had been broken into on St. Patrick's Day, another police report, our alarm system scared them off--that night.

Is it coincidence then, which I don't believe in, that our dogs would be harassed the eve of another St. Patrick's Day, driving my female to the same exact spot on the fence? She died a few hours later. My male, never went to the fence. 

I look at the fence everyday and wonder what I could have done different?

I cry over how I failed my dog that picked me from nine other pups and never left my side. I can't even look at her ashes, only sometimes can I look at the urn. We had thousands of dollars invested into her, her care, her life, her professional training. She was the best protector I ever had for a dog. She saved me from one man who'd sneaked up on me while I was in my truck. other times too.

We had bought two German Shepherds to protect our family after an incident and the man walked right past our old husky. My husband left the house to take the truck in and pick up the other one in Zumbrota. During the time he was gone, some man walked inside our house and approached my daughter, even asking where her dad was?

Among other things going on--reports were getting filed, just not followed up on. All these reports were given to the Rochester Police, Winona County, Olmsted County Sheriff's Department from me, the security people I hired, others. They did nothing to help us. Mostly, they just poked fun and treated us like I was making all these incidents up. They refused to look at the pictures, the video, and worse. These incidents will be in my books.


Dani died on St. Patrick's Day. The neighbors harassing her got away with another crime.

Dani will be featured in my upcoming books, like the other pain, it just takes time to heal and to go forward so I can step back. Her brother Dale is in a few award-winning and best-selling books now. He lived a longer life because I had learned, by his sister dying, to become a better shepherd. He was almost 16 when he passed away. He died in my arms a peaceful death.

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