Alarm response

Alarm response


Our corporate office is looking for a new private alarm responder. The Rochester police have expressed it is not their job to respond or wait for us to arrive. 

(800) 928-2372 leave a message.

Work: $50 per incident. You'll be a contractor, not an employee. If there is a break-in, incident, someone just coming in without permission but somehow have a key, but not a legal one from me, you'll get a call from alarm company and you show up and wait for me. They will have dispatched me or my husband by then. If something has happened to me, use your judgement. You don't call Rochester police. 

Specifically: I average around 4 break-ins a year. Sometimes, like the footage below, I'm forced to a back room. Usually my husband has just left. I'm always alone, except for the time the man was in my house (after my husband left) and walked in on our (then) young daughter.

I walk with bears in the day, and the same bears at night. I never know when a bear will turn and become an aggressive bear. A bear is a bear; day or night. I learned that working on my documentaries in Whitewater. 

Right now: I need someone to be an alarm responder because I'm not even walking with bears in the woods and I'm getting aggressive officers at my door. If it is a legit alarm, or I am being attacked again, there are no police so there is no one to call. I just need you to document it. If I'm not responsive call an ambulance, if I'm dead, call the coroner. 

Below is some of the footage from a real 911 call I made last fall after another incident. My husband had just left.  He had to wait for my about-to-be aggressor to cross the street so he could come in an attack his wife. This man threw a rock at one window. Then he threw his body against the other window where I was sitting. I had seconds and hit the alarm, dialed "911". My husband was at the bank when he got the alarm call that something was going on, asking if he was OK. They'd tried calling me, but I had 911 on the line and couldn't answer, thank God I had my phone on vibrate. I was praying the guy wouldn't see it coming in or the "911" on the screen. He came in and I told him he had to leave because he didn't have a face mask. He dropped his water bottle and pulled up his neck gator. He left.

He came back wanting to know if I was alone. Then wanting to speak the person when I said they were on the phone (there was no one there), I was buying seconds of time hoping the police would be there soon. Then he made a comment that there was no one back there, then he came at me and tried forcing his way into my backroom. He had his right hand behind his back. His eyes were aggressive now. Lucky for me, the Pine Island Church had donated some books earlier, the pile of them gave me the second I needed to get away from him. 

The police found him. They said he only had a water bottle, the officer said the man had heard people in the backroom talking (contradicting what the man says on the video). He did have a water bottle but he also had, and everyone can see it, something else about the size of a gun, with a curved handle, in a white plastic bag sticking out of his backside. I believed it was a gun.

I shot this footage off of the actual video on my camera screen, a few days later, because it took me that long to process what had happened. These two videos (shot on my iPhone and off of my Nikon screen) are not the best quality. I had the Nikon swinging off my shoulder for the first video. I had no time and I was lucky that the man didn't see me filming or setting the camera on the counter, once I made it there. 

I had to get to my front desk, because that was where my other alarm was, the panic alarm. I truly believed he had a gun or weapon tucked in the back of his pants.


The guy was trespassed and let go. He was a homeless guy. They said he only had a water bottle. He denied trying to rob me. He didn't rob me, but when someone comes at you and has a hand behind their back, and asks if you are alone, and tells you there is no one there, (all on the video, listen and rewind) and when they come at your face so suddenly--I thought he was going to rob me or do something worse to me.

He'd forced me to my door, intimidated me, scared me and tried getting into my back work area where my recording studio was, and our storage room with roof access (locked, hopefully). I believe he ditched the object in his pocket. It's right there on the video (first video you see him drop the water bottle and the object is tucked in his pants and visible as he bends over and picks up the water bottle he had. He was trespassed for a year. He was back the next day. Again, again.

Part 2, this is when the guy left and then re-entered and was trying to get in my back room. He was within an inch of my face, lucky for me, the Pine Island Church had donated books that day, and the books created the one second block I needed to get away from him.


The above incident was at Silver Lake Books, but I've had issues at Peacock Books too. The last police officer told me it wasn't his job to stand there and wait for me, while my husband and asked customers to leave our other store, drive into the downtown construction, and be there in 25 minutes. He also was 100% unaware there were two men. The entire force is unaware, until I put it in my report, yesterday, there was a phone call that followed that break in.

I didn't need the incident yesterday. I don't need to be told by your officer after 10 PM to turn off all my exterior lights when our house and family were attacked. I don't need to be harassed. 

On the report I said I would do the following:

1. Gave it to the my attorney. Check.

2. Called alarm company and removed Rochester Police Department as a responder. Check

3. Filed report with other agency. Check.

4. Asked for the officer's name that did what he did yesterday because I need to know it wasn't one of five officers that are bad on your force. 

You can't change the hives or my breathing difficulties I have been going through, since, when I realized I can never ever ever ever trust you again, but I can ask you and did, respectfully, to leave me and my family alone. Forever. 



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